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Starting in 2006, the path towards sustainability began as a model for restoration and human dignity. A journey towards self-sufficiency where the promotion of local consumption, self-responsibility and the defence of the environment would be the axis to build a better future for our Mother Earth.
Achieve a 360º culinary project based on the circular and social economy as a model to improve the planet where we live.

In SWASTI we produce, transform, feed and recycle. Leaving a minimal ecological footprint and almost zero residual.

Achieving the originality of each dish and making you enjoy our food is one of our main goals.
This year we are very proud and happy to bring on a whole new Menu, with new exciting flavours and featuring a more complete range of diets and tastes...
Transparent, tasty, organic and ethical.
This new menu is also connected to our new Detox and Balance programs in Swasti.

Looking with passion at vegetables, associating them with stimuli, using the aromas found in nature is our way of understanding cuisine.

We are an Earth-friendly Cafe! The food we use comes from our very own garden, grown by our very own hands.

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You can enjoy a 100% organic, fresh, plant-based menu with some non-vegetarian options as well.

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Let’s change the world… one bite at a time…

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