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What We Do Differently?

Organic Farm

We love farming at Swasti. Half of our land is dedicated to growing healthy, organic food. As well as farming food, we also raise sheep and rabbits, which kindly nourish our soil in return.

Healthy Food

With organic veggies from our garden, we strive to provide the best cuisine, focusing on achieving the right balance of nutrition and deliciousness.

Healing Heaven

Swasti means “healing” in Sanskrit. Our lush garden has a natural healing power, which we complement with our organic treatments, exclusive massages and yoga, meditation and sound healing.

Wooden House

We’re proud of our uniquely designed houses, which are built using 100% recycled wood from Java. Inspired by carvings created by native Indonesians over 100 years ago, we’ve rebuilt these designs with updated style and refined details.

"We fell in love with Swasti from the moment we stepped into the village!"

This place is so peaceful and relaxing. We were looking for an eco-friendly accommodation and Swasti definitely met our expectations. Their cottages are all made of recycled wood. They have a beautiful organic garden that takes about 25% of the land, chemical-free, that gives their restaurant fresh ingredients every day. All the staff is super friendly and always happy to help. Exceptionally clean and tidy all around, with lots of attention to details and flower decorations. You will also enjoy the company of their cute rescue kitties. Great place for yoga. Walking distance to the Monkey Forest.

Sarah E Brioche
“Our family has loved staying at Swasti when visiting Bali over the past decade.”

There are so many things to love; the gardens, charm, quality, friendliness, delicious foods, eco-friendly vibes, spa, yoga, hospitality, and attention to detail are a few favorites. Thank you for another beautiful stay, Swasti. See you next year!

Lauren Holmes
United Kingdom

What We Love?

Saving Trees



Healthy Food

Sharing Water


Tea and Cake

Fun and Yoga

Bali Culture

Giving Back